Fifty Shades of Grey. Who do you think should play the parts??

So, Fifty Shades has a screenwriter and soon will need to have actors playing the parts. The web is booming with different actors names of who may get the part but of course we don’t know for sure who will get the parts. And also, I haven’t seen to many people think about other characters besides Anna and Christian. What about Kate? and Elliot? Well, i’m about to throw a few actors behind the characters and then let YOU add your opinion and a few actors of your choice. And we need to remember, I don’t think they would choose a VERY well known actor or actress to play the parts of Kate, Elliot, and the others. But, I could be wrong.

Lets begin. First, lets see who would play a good Kate. She is said to be very attractive with Red hair. The first actress I think is of

Amy Adams. She is pretty well known so maybe they wouldn’t go with her.

Otherwise, Sarah Drew is a red head and is not THAT well known. If you don’t know who that is, she played April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy.

Elliot Grey. I did some searches and found this actor,

Chad Michael Murry. He seems to fit the character for the looks. What do you think?

How about Jose Rodriguez?  I think

Jay Hernandez would play the perfect part. He isn’t THAT well known. And when I think of Jose I can really see Jay.

How about Mia. Christians Sister. I had a hard time trying to find an actress that isn’t very well known that could play this part.

I did find Emily Browning with the same hair style that Mia is suppose to have. What do you think??

Otherwise Lizzie brochere because she speaks fluent french and so does Mia.

And there is always Ashley Greene. She reminds me of a Mia.

Ok, Now for the main characters of Christian and Anna.

Of course my first would be Ian Somerholder. Oh man he is sooooo good looking.

Or, how about Eion Bailey? I think he is a very good looking man. And he does have the hair and eyes!

And for Anna, I have a few favorites. The first actress that came to mind right when she was describing herself in the mirror was Amanda Seyfried. She would just need to color her hair a little darker, and she would be pefect!

Otherwise Roony Mara.

And Another actress that I came across while watching the TV series Revolution, Tracy Spiridakos, right when I saw her, I was like, she could be Anna!! Same hair and eyes!

this was last updated on November 10th at 1:10am  I will be adding more if I come across anyone else and will keep this up to date. Please help out and name of some actors/actress you think could play these parts. I will get to Christian and Anna at a different time. And remember, they won’t choose really well known actors/actress to play the above parts so please use your best judgment when giving your thoughts. Thanks!!!!


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